Sans the Bird

(without the bird)

Today in agricultural farming, whilst the combine-harvester is ploughing, no longer do we see the bird associated with the harvest, they have learnt that no worms will be churned-up there because the fields have been contaminated with pesticides the worms have disappeared, and as so followed the birds. This photograph was taken in the late August of 2020, during a harvest of the field. The tree skeleton within the farmers field is a common visual scene associated with birds such as, crows or birds of prey lining its branches, yet, the area although lush with recently harvest crops and full of human machine activity appeared devoid of birds, rabbits, or other small animals or insets that would have been more apparent some 100 years earlier. This emphasises the everyday meetings we have with the loss of biodiversity and resonates on a larger scale the imposition of the human on a planet, that seems is set one day to turn into barren land.