Political Correctness

Audio montage reflecting on and exploring the meaning of political correctness



A note on political correctness:

What we can learn from political correctness is that words are dangerous, words are shallow in some sense, they may be misread in another, they speak through us rather than us speaking through them, the words we use dictate our ways and means of remark, they provide us with a means of non-expression, a weighty word to you may not be a weighty word to another, a different culture, or a different time frame. Evidently words carry a weight, supported by their background positions and historical connotations, some more weighty than others. Then question, who is responsible for the words we speak, say, express, and put to page, how is the terminology you use interpretated differently outside of your bubble, your social-economic-academic repertoire?




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The audio montage was created using found footage available on a public platform