Education and Qualifications

MA Design (Design Academy Eindhoven, 2020)

Graduating from the department The Critical Inquiry Lab formerly known as Design Curating and Writing.  In the first year of the course, Design Curating and Writing (DCW) focused on the role and questioning the role and position of curating today, as well as, considering the meaning of a contemporary design practice. In association with the Van Abbemuseum (museum for modern and contemporary art in Eindhoven, NL) the course provided the opportunity to get an insight to the 'behind the scenes' within a museum setting. The classes held within the Van Abbe, with it's curator focused on museology and curation, and provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss with the curator themselves about the ongoing happenings within the museum. The second year of the course, with a change in department managerial emphasised a more critical and investigative approach that lay within the DCW course. Hence, the second year focused on the growing relevance of critical reflection for art and design today. In addition, the second year consisted of an individual research project/dissertation and a material-installation project. The installation project was able to be displayed within the Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven (NL) prior to the countries 'lockdown' of all public places, thanks to support from friends/colleagues in the NL and coordination from my part in the UK.  Post a lift in the 'lockdown' within the NL, there was the anticipation to exhibit at the Grad Show 2020 at the Dutch Design Week (DDW), preparations occurred for this up until three weeks prior when it was announced by Eindhoven's Major that for safety reasons due to the pandemic DDW would not commence.


Propaedeutic Year (Design Academy Eindhoven, 2018)

The studies provided an introduction to a range of various approaches and media that could be a part of the design practice. This included drawing, theorising, conceptualising, communicating, philosophising, writing, 2D and 3D experimentation, imaging, prototyping, proofing, reflecting, analysing and performing. There was also the opportunity to conceptualise and design a glass bauble that was crafted at the glass studio in Leerdam (NL) by their experienced glass blowers. The baubles were then placed on temporary display in the National Glassmuseum's garden to create a winter-christmas exhibition. The exhibit was actualised by myself and the other students within my class, with guidance by the museum curator.


BMedSci Orthoptics, Honours, 2.1 (University of Sheffield, 2016)

The study included hospital work placements across the UK consisting for 2-4weeks at a time, my particular rota lead to being placed in Uxbridge, Swindon, Oxford, Leeds, London, Chelmsford, and Canterbury.



TEFL 168 hours, Distinction (Online, 2020)

Teaching English as a Foreign Language





Involvements and Exhibitions

2020 (Oct, 17-25) Dutch Design Week, Grad Show 2020 (cancelled due to the pandemic, work exhibited online)

2020 (Aug, 27-30) Temporary Art Centre (Eindhoven, NL)

2019 (Apr, 3-14) Mammut - The IKEA Civilisation

2018 (Dec 2018-Jan 2019) National Glassmuseum (Leerdam, NL)







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